2016 Winner Feature: Kelly Quiring – Installed by Day Plumbing

DayDay Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling of Fairmont, Minnesota selected Kelly Quiring also of Fairmont as their 2016 Bryant Community Heroes winner. We received almost a dozen nominations for Kelly and her late husband Randy. Each and every nomination talked about their commitment and dedication to the Fairmont community. Even while courageously battling cancer, Randy had a positive attitude and continued to serve as Fairmont’s mayor, with many referring to him as “Fairmont’s Hero.” Through it all, Kelly stood by her husband with a heart filled with compassion, strength and bravery.

“Randy, a local business man, served our Fairmont community as mayor from from 2006 until his passing from cancer in July. He fought a heroic battle with cancer, setting a predictable, positive tone with our community, asking us to give him a “thumbs up” sign when we saw him. It was comforting to share those “thumbs up” with him; they quickly signified our on-going prayers, concern, and hopes with him in one small gesture. They also probably saved him from retelling each grueling step of his cancer journey to hundreds of well-meaning people each day! I was just simply impressed and am inspired by his determination to remain positive, even when facing terrible obstacles and circumstances.

“Faith. Family. Fairmont.” This was Randy’s motto, and these three things were clearly his passions. Randy’s faith was very important to him, and he actively served his church (Eucharistic Minister, Men’s Bible Study leader, Knights of Columbus member, confirmation leader). Randy was an involved father, loved to laugh with his family, and enjoyed coaching many of his children’s sports teams. Randy was a huge Fairmont fan! He was a wonderful ambassador for Fairmont, and was a deeply involved community member as mayor, announcer at football and basketball games, as a member of Fairmont Rotary Club and Strive Program, and as a person who went out of his way to thank our veterans.

Kelly, Randy’s wife, has generously supported her husband’s many activities. She is an active church and community volunteer herself!

I believe it is easy to complain about our community, its leaders, our schools, our churches, or our circumstances. Randy didn’t take that negative road; he chose the more difficult path of rolling up his sleeves, getting involved, and taking on leadership roles. Randy influenced many to use their talents in our community. Personally, his example and life choices have inspired me to be a more positive, involved Christian, mother, wife, and community member.

A hero is defined as a “person who is admired for noble qualities.” Certainly, Randy and Kelly Quiring are heroes in our Fairmont community!”

“On July 27, 2016 Randy Quiring lost his battle to cancer leaving his wife, Kelly, children: Jordan, Quincy, Noah, Wyatt and Rayah to cherish his memory.

Randy can easily be described as Fairmont’s Hero. He was an advocate for all things Fairmont. Randy served as the mayor of Fairmont from 2006 until the time of his death, was a member of St. John Vianney Catholic Church, the Knights of Columbus, the Fairmont Rotary Club, Fairmont Soccer Association, Strive, various committees throughout the city of Fairmont, and he taught Junior Achievement and Confirmation classes. Randy also coached many sports teams that his children played for, and was the voice for Fairmont Cardinal Football and many basketball games.

Through his battle with cancer he never wanted people to feel sorry for him, rather he wanted to see others smile, hear them laugh and give a thumbs up! Randy’s life was a life well lived through the end. He lived by the motto the 3 F’s: Faith, Family and Fairmont. Randy’s hero was, without a doubt his wife, Kelly. Her unconditional love for him, her family, Christ and the City of Fairmont was and still is very evident. She has a heart filled with compassion, strength and bravery – all of which can be defined as a hero, making Kelly very deserving of this award.”

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