2016 Winner Feature: Todd & Terri Reagles – Installed by Angell Aire

AngellAngell Aire Heating & Air Conditioning of Eagan, Minnesota selected Todd and Terri Reagles of Apple Valley, Minnesota as their 2016 Bryant Community Heroes winner. Nominated by Todd’s sister, they have a true passion for giving back to the community by planning and providing meals to the homeless in St Paul. Below is just one of the nominations that Angell Aire received for Todd and Terry that led their panel to select them as their 2016 Community Heroes recipient:

“When I think of the word hero, that is a special kind of person. I am blessed to know of not one but two heroes in my life. These two people, I am proud to call my brother and sister in law, Todd and Terri Reagles in Apple Valley, MN. They don’t have much but give everything they can to help anyone else in need. They both have full-time jobs and like many of us, live paycheck to paycheck. However, because of their kind hearts, they take in family members when in need and help provide for them. However, their kindness doesn’t end there. Their passion is serving the homeless and people or families in need. Through their church, they were connected with a group that fed the homeless and people in need on Sundays. They volunteered their time weekly and enjoyed getting to know their new friends that counted on them. A time came this group ended but Todd and Terri were so passionate about the impact they were making that they formed their own non profit ministry called Teardrop Ministries so they could continue with their passion. Today, they go downtown St. Paul every other Sunday, outside of the Dorothy Day Center to feed anyone in need or who was not able to get into the shelter. They continue this work year round even during the winter. They will cancel if the weather is severely cold or hot for the safety of the 150-200 people waiting in line. Keep in mind, they don’t just serve hot dogs. Todd and Terri prepare all of the food themselves, which devotes a lot of their time. They do taco bars, salads, desserts, grilled items, and always have cold sandwiches for those who need food to go for later. Some of their food is donated through their church but many times they have to buy food and paper products out of their own pockets because the demand is so great. In addition to the food they supply, they often have clothing to donate to anyone who is in need, especially during our winter months. They have many friends on this journey and have been blessed to see some move from the streets to apartments. At that time, they take donations to help furnish their apartments and provide them with their basic necessities and more and at times, they buy things out of their own pockets. I so respect their dedication and love for what they do. What I love the most is they don’t want praise for what they do, they do it because they love it. However, because of their pride, they don’t ask for much for themselves. They live in an older home where many things are starting to fail. In addition, last year their house was struck by lightning resulting in a lot of damage that their insurance agency has done whatever they can to avoid paying. One thing impacted was their furnace. I believe their furnace may be original to the home and after this damage, should have been replaced. However, the insurance company chose to repair instead of replace for their own gain. Todd and Terri continue to have problems with their furnace but can’t afford a new one so they do what they can to fix it one last time. I know they will be embarrassed by me nominating them for this but I can’t think of a more deserving couple! I hope you will take Todd and and Terri into consideration when making your decision. They are an amazing couple with so much passion. I wish more people knew what they did!!”


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