2016 Winner Feature: Tom Monahan – Installed by Nelson’s Gas

nelsons gasNelson’s Gas of Hayfield, Minnesota selected Tom Monahan has their local Bryant Community Heroes winner in 2016! Tom is a former Hayfield “Citizen of the Year” who has served as the Chamber of Commerce President for over 20 years! He leads the charge in giving back to community, including financial support to local youth sports, scholarships, and many other community functions. He is always the first to step up when something need to get done locally! Below is the nomination which led to Tom winning last year’s Community Heroes in Hayfield!

“Tom is the President of our local Chamber of Commerce. A position he has held for 20 plus years. Through his guidance the Chamber has given back Tens of Thousands of dollars to youth sports, scholarships for graduating high school students, and too many other community functions to list.
Above that he is always the first to step up when something needs to be done locally.
Tom Represents Hayfield better than anyone in our community.
He is a past Citizen of the Year for Hayfield.
There is no one more deserving than Tom!
Thank You for your consideration!”

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