2016 Winner Feature: Rachael & Joey Hartfiel – Installed by Comfort Matters

Comfort Matters 2Comfort Matters Heating & Cooling of Maple Grove, Minnesota selected Rachael & Joey Hartfiel of Buffalo, Minnesota as their 2016 Community Heroes recipient. Rachael and Joey have dedicated their lives to providing a positive environment for people with disabilities, through support and volunteerism. Below is the nomination that led Comfort Matters to select them as their winner:

“Rachael inspires me and many in the community. Rachael works for REM has a recruiter hiring staff to work with people with disabilities. Rachael excels in her position to inspire others to give their best for those they support, those who need help with independent living skills and more. Rachael recently won a national award for her company called the HOPE award for excellence. Rachael has worked with my special needs 35 yo daughter for 6 years. Rachael brought Special Olympics to Buffalo in the fall of 2015 to serve the county seat of Wright County. Joey is a coach for Special Olympics. Our first sport was bowling, then poly hockey, where we hoped to have enough players to make a team, we had enough players for 2 teams! Rachael worked tirelessly to find coaches, practice space and equipment for our first year. Rachael is talking with Community Ed to enrich the lives of people with disabilities coordinating in the future with Special Olympics. Rachael, and her husband have both served on the Buffalo Parks Advisory Board. Rachael has also served on past Board of Autism Allies and has helped with the Autism Allies Resource Fair, her husband Joey is also a Board member. A couple years ago, Rachael organized a Prom for adults with disabilities that was held in St Michael. Rachael and her husband, Joey, both work in the fields of supporting people with disabilities, and both give unselfishly, and work long hours. They have been married for 3 years and on June 3rd had their 1st baby. Joey is also the varsity coach for the Buffalo High School LaCrosse team. Rachael has coached the middle school girls softball team in the past. They live in a home built in the mid-60’s and I believe has the original furnace. Rachael and Joey are both Hero’s in our Community of Buffalo and the disability community of Wright County as a whole. Both are very deserving of this, they both inspire others to give and enrich the lives of others that society as a whole sometimes forget.”

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