2016 Winner Feature: Joseph Klein – Installed by Kruchten’s Heating

Kruchten 2Kruchten’s Heating & Cooling selected Joe Klein of Pillager, Minnesota as their 2016 Bryant Community Heroes winner! Joe quietly makes a big impact on his community, but doesn’t necessarily want to be recognized for his work. Joe is dedicated to making his community a better place, and volunteers just about anywhere that he can. Just some of those ways are volunteer fire fighting, coaching baseball and flag football, volunteering as a confirmation chaperone, helping with the Education Foundation, and chairman on the Rosing Township Board. And that’s just to name a few! “Our community receives countless volunteer hours from Joe. He has a true passion for making our community a better, safer place and asks for nothing in return. He truly is an Unsung Hero.” Read more about all the work Joe does in his community:

“It is with honor that I submit Joe Klein’s name to you as an Unsung Hero. Joe quietly makes a difference every day in our community through his involvement with youth, community organizations, church, and the school. He isn’t looking for recognition; he just wants to see his community thrive.

Impact on youth:
Joe serves our youth in numerous ways throughout all four seasons. He is a volunteer coach for baseball, assists with the flags for youth football games, and volunteers to run the clock/score keep for basketball. He has assisted without hesitation when youth needed adult supervision with football and baseball fundraisers. The same was true when help was needed to build the baseball field. Upon completion of the field, Joe offered to water it throughout the summer. The youth in town and the school physical education classes are able to utilize the ice rinks that Joe works to flood every winter. He has also been a gun safety instructor for over 10 years. His help provides youth with many physical activities that would not otherwise be available. Joe builds relationships with our youth and they are positively impacted everyday thanks to his tireless giving.

Giving to the youth continues for Joe with his church involvement and support of the school. He volunteers as a confirmation chaperone and has traveled with the youth to various events. Because he is willing to travel, youth are able to participate in events that wouldn’t be possible in our local area. Joe has assisted the Booster Club with its annual chili cook off. These funds are used to provide funding for extra-curricular activity requests. He has also been a volunteer for the Education Foundation’s Spring Fling which provides scholarships to high school seniors and grants to classrooms. Without Joe’s volunteerism, these funds would not be available.

Impact on community:
Joe serves our community in a variety of ways as well. One way is through his work as a volunteer fire fighter. He has been with the department for 20 years, 8 of which he served as captain and 8 more serving as lieutenant, all without additional pay. Joe is also a fire instructor to better prepare his fellow fire fighters. Through the department, Joe has volunteered at many community events. “Touch a Truck” and fire safety are two of the events for youth. Search and rescue, fire boat firefighting, and first responder calls are all part of the way he assists the community. He gives freely of his time to volunteer for community events like the county fair and high school 5K run providing first aid. He has been known to wait hours without complaint for runners to complete a course, just to make sure everyone returns safely. In addition, he has assisted our area 501C3 ski hill by volunteering to provide first aid and a wash station for their Extreme 5K. As a volunteer fire fighter, Joe averages 70 hours of training and 200 runs a year.

Another area of community giving for Joe is his time spent on the Rosing Township Board. He currently serves as chairman and has been on the board for 5 years. Finally, Joe gives time to work at the Night to Unite for the City of Baxter.

Our community receives countless volunteer hours from Joe. He has a true passion for making our community a better, safer place and asks for nothing in return. He truly is an Unsung Hero”

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