2016 Winner Feature: Jill Taglienti – Installed by Merrill Sheet Metal

MerrillMerrill Sheet Metal selected Jill Taglienti as their 2016 Bryant Community Heroes winner! Jill is a dedicated educator in the Wausau, Wisconsin area. Whether it be spending time teaching students to garden through grants or  spending two years in Uzbekistan teaching English to students, Jill is always looking for ways to help others and to enhance education! We thank Jill for all the work she does to better the schools and the world around us!

“Our daughter, Jill, is an amazing woman. She is a second grade teacher at John Marshall grade school in Wausau, Wisconsin. She has spent two years in Uzbekistan teaching English, two years in New Mexico studying for her masters degree and 11+ years teaching in Wausau. She and her husband are raising 4 (soon to be five) children. He has supported her and been a stay at home dad to their children. They also have a large garden and chickens. She has applied for, and received them, grants to teach her students about gardening…selling their plants at school at the end of the growing season. She is also working on a program to enhance her education. They purchased and old farm house about 11 years ago and every winter is a challenge to see if their furnace keeps going. It would be a wonderful blessing to them if they were chosen to receive a new furnace. Thank you.”

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