2016 Winner Feature: Fritz Wright – Installed by Countryside Heating

Install 3Countryside Heating selected Fritz Wright as their 2016 Bryant Community Heroes winner! Fritz is an active member of his community, who is always willing to jump in and help those around him. He never asks for anything in return and truly makes the world around him a better place to be!

“Fritz is a do it yourself kind of guy. He has a small wood shop in his basement. Over the past years, he has helped dozens of kids with their various Cub Scout projects, helped their dad’s learn to help their kids. He is also a super skier and has gone on trips with the Scouts to help kids learn to ski and get their merit badges. He also had all the kids bring their skis to his house to show them how to take proper care of their equipment. He has sharpened their edges and helped them find ski equipment that is appropriate for their size and skill. Yes, he usually takes kids along when going skiing.

He happens to be my son in law and so he comes to help me as well. For example moving furniture, hanging up bikes, repairing chairs, changing light bulbs and other chores that are too hard, high or risky for an 83 year old lady.

In addition, he has had a very active part at St. Edward’s Episcopal Church where he is instrumental in keeping the physical place in order. Does small jobs to save the church money. Serves in a leadership capacity as a parish officer. He has mowed for a disabled neighbor, plowed snow out of his driveway and other neighborly assists.”

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