2016 Winner Feature: Denise McGinnis – Installed by Sinkler Heating & Cooling

Sinkler 2Sinkler Heating & Cooling of Green Bay, Wisconsin selected Denise McGinnis, also of Green Bay, as their 2016 Bryant Community Heroes winner. Over the last decade, Denise has devoted much of her time and her heart, as a foster parent to troubled girls facing a tough life. In addition, she spends a lot of time developing community programs to help those in need. Below is the nomination that led Sinkler to select Denise as their 2016 winner!

“My friend, Denise McGinnis, is a wonderful addition to my life and the community. She has been a foster parent for almost ten years helping girls facing a very rough life. She has given them adventure like camping, free museum around the area. Some of the girls have never cooked more than microwave popcorn, she helps them learn things that they need in life, LOVE.

She not only works with foster kids but four years ago, she started a clothes closet that would help people FREE of CHARGE to anyone who needs it. She has helped over 450 families with clothes. Some have come back to help hang up clothes, and Denise treats them all like friends.

This past summer she found out that she needed a new heater before the end of winter. I hope you will help her so she can help more people in our community.”

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