2016 Winner Feature: Curt Njus – Installed by Route 60 Plumbing & Heating

Route 60 Plumbing & Heating of Pine Island, Minnesota selected Curt Njus, also of Pine Island, as their 2016 Bryant Community Heroes winner. Curt and his wife Dana are very active members of the Pine Island community, serving on several committees to help better the area, including the Early Childhood Family Education program (ECFE) and St Paul Lutheran Church council. Curt is also involved in the local Lion’s Club. Below is the nomination that led Route 60 to select Curt as their 2016 Community Heroes recipient:

“Curt Njus–Just where do I begin telling his dedication to community story? He married Dana in 2009 have two children Zoe (9) and Max (6).
Curt and Dana have been board members for the Pine Island Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) program since his children started pre-school. They serve on the ECFE and Community Education Advisory Council that meets 4-6 times per year. He and Dana have shared the chairperson job for many years. He brings cool vehicles to our ECFE transportation night and open house for preschool (usually very large tractors). He also greets people at that event and makes it so much fun! Curt helps so much with Breakfast with Santa. The day of the event he runs the silent auction. We store all of the items at Njus home and have big basket making committee there during the week before the event. He also helps out with many concession stands throughout the year.

Curt and Dana are on the Saint Paul Lutheran Church Congregation Council. They are chairpersons of the Evangelism Committee. They arrange pot-luck dinners, order special food for church occasions, work with new member orientation, and arrange for their family photos the Sunday they are received into the Congregation. They attend monthly council meetings, participate in discussions, and help make important decisions. I have witnessed their service personally as their tenure and mine overlapped 1 year. Curt is a member of the Building and Grounds committee. The Njus family usher together frequently.

Curt joined the Pine Island Lions March, 2014. After only 1 year he became the secretary of the 76 member club (July 2015). His task is vital to the club! His jobs include:
• Taking minutes at board meetings and regular membership minutes.
• Curt has attended Zone and Region meetings.
• Curt has attended District Mid-Winter Conventions and School of Instruction Officer training.
• His computer work to the International Lions Clubs is time consuming and very detailed.
• Curt is working on an email data base to facilitate communications among Lions members.
• He takes roll call at the meetings, as well as at all activities so he is able to report the number of volunteers and their hours. Curt’s attention to details enables our club to qualify for awards.
• In 2015-16 Curt was voted by our club to receive the “Everyday Hero Award”. He was honored at the District Mid-Winter Banquet. This honor is especially significant due to his newness to our club.
• Curt is part of our “flag crew”. He and 5 others install and retrieve 38 American Flags and our City of Pine Island flags 6 times each year. The Lions used to haul a ladder to each light pole, climb up, install the flag, and climb down the ladder. This process was repeated 38 times putting the flags up AND taking them down. Curt devised and fine-tuned the process until now the process so it takes 40 minutes. The process is so polished that even 2 volunteers can accomplish this task.
• Curt helps way over and above with the Vision Run, Tractor drive fundraiser, organizing the Pine Island “Cheese Festival” parade line up, “Jungle Days” golfing fundraiser, Pine Island Winterfest (all day and into the evening winter activities celebration), and homecoming concessions.

Curt brings his children along to many activities so they can help as they are able and witness what service looks like. He also transports them to piano lessons, dance, tee ball, and golf camp.

Curt assisted Kerry Olson farming for 19 years. He is in his 19th year of his full-time job with South East Minnesota Agriculture (SEMA). He still finds time to devote so much time to volunteering!! I just don’t know when he sleeps.
Curt does all this with a positive attitude and superb sense of humor!

I highly recommend he receive this honor!!”

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