2016 Winner Feature: Annette Wynn – Installed by Peck & Weis

Peck WeisPeck & Weis selected Annette Wynn of Whitewater, Wisconsin as their 2016 winner. But really, we have two winners in this story! Annette was nominated by her husband Evan who is a military veteran who has served our country. Evan tells us that Annette has remained positive through difficult times and yet continued to dedicate herself to the causes that meant the most to her. He says “She is the most kind, giving, brave, and courageous person I have known and I have served with many Heroes in combat but she is my biggest Hero!” Read more of the nomination below:

“Annette is my Hero because she has overcome so many obstacles but never lost her passion to help others. As a wife of a Soldier who was deployed numerous times, she supported my career my moving where the Army moved us every couple of years while being forced to become a “single parent” during numerous times I was deployed. She did this knowing it was a sacrifice to her own career.

In the middle of one military move, she was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Despite having to go through high dose chemotherapy, radiation, and a bone marrow biopsy, she took care of our daughter, maintained our home, participated in our military unit’s Family Support Group and also volunteered with Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child provides Christmas gifts to poor and needy children around the world.

After my deployment to Iraq and then retirement from the military, Annette has worked to help support our household while going to school to earn her RN degree. She currently works as a school nurse. Despite working long hours as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a Senior Care Facility she studied for nursing school, where she graduated at the top of her class. She also found time to volunteer to help our local VFW, Operation Christmas Child, and other community events such as Special Olympics.

Now as a licensed RN, she works as a school nurse, volunteers as a nurse at a local free medical clinic, volunteers with a hospice, and tutors other nursing students. She also continues to volunteer with Operation Christmas Child. As part of Operation Christmas Child, she visits local senior facilities and facilities for people with disabilities and together they pack over 700 boxes per year for poor children around the world. She also has gone on nursing mission trips to Africa and South America and is a very active participant in many church activities.

She has done all this with a smile and positive attitude through painful medical procedures, stressful times while I was deployed, and long and exhausting days of work and studying. Annette is always focused on the needs of others, sacrificing her time and energy to help anyone in need. She is the most kind, giving, brave, and courageous person I have known and I have served with many Heroes in combat but she is my biggest Hero!”

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